OKX Increases Organic Market Share

OKX is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world who operates in every market where crypto trading is legal.

While OKX had a strong foothold in each market of operation, competitors like Binance and Coinbase were outranking them for key terms.
They wanted to increase rankings for head and mid-tail keywords and drive more organic traffic resulting in customer acquisition.
OKX needed to scale their link building efforts to close the authority gap between them and their competitors.
The plan

Site Audit and Technical SEO Updates to Build a Solid Foundation for Organic Growth

Before any off-page SEO efforts could get underway, OKX needed a solid on-page SEO foundation to build upon. SwayyEm conducted a site audit to determine any weak points in the site’s information architecture, code structure, interlinking and page speed among other key factors.

SwayyEm provided a thorough SEO audit encompassing all facets of the site’s ranking factors. The OKX team got to work implementing the necessary changes across the site.

Editorial Outreach for Link Building Success

OKX already had an impressive archive of educational content for the SwayyEm team to leverage in their editorial outreach efforts.

First, our content team compiled a comprehensive list of OKX blog posts and research articles that could be used as outreach assets.

Our goal is to provide highly relevant content to editors who are looking for unique industry data or insights to share with their readership.

Next, the outreach team got to work on two fronts:

Build a list of cryptocurrency, technology and finance sites from our network of over 150k editorial relationships.

Leverage our proprietary technology stack to build a list of sites that would have a high degree of interest in OKX’s content.

From here, the outreach process kicks off to contact editors and start getting brand mentions and links back to high value content on OKX.com.

This process was successful in driving more than 5,000 new referring domains from high authority industry relevant publications.

OKX Climbs Organic Search Rankings


Over an 8-month period, SwayyEm made significant rankings and traffic improvements including:

50K+ new organic keywords ranking.

30K keywords tracked saw a total increase of 2.5M+ rankings spots in Google.

OKX.com saw an increase of 347,000+ in monthly organic traffic since start of the campaign.



Not only does SwayyEm deliver significant increases in unique new organic traffic and user acquisition, but they provide us with creative content strategies and technical analysis that continually pay dividends.

Rishi P. Senior SEO Director, OKEX
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